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The Concept...

 Coming from the Worcestershire / Herefordshire border region myself, I have all my cider made where I grew up from apples grown locally to get the authentic Herefordshire craft cider taste. However it is our long term mission to establish a crop of Manx grown cider apple trees so that we can make small batch true Manx Cider.


Historically, western style Cider made on the Isle of Man has been from English apples juiced in the UK and shipped in containers to the Island where it is fermented and mixed with domestic non cider variety apples. There has also been attempts at Eastern style cider where locally grown apples were fermented but these were non cider variety apples and the cider often came out quite dry. 

So we have started the Manx Cider Growers Cooperative where you can get involved. You can work with us to grow real cider apple tree varieties in your back yard. We sell you the saplings, you grow the trees, you sell us the fruit at harvest, and we'll make the cider in small batches right here in the Isle of Man. Saplings can be ordered all year round and we have an annual planting window of January through to March. Sign up below 

and join the Cider revolution. 

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